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Positively Poppin'
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Positively Poppin'
Apparel & Accessories
are created from
my pipe cleaner artwork.
You can see that art HERE!

My pipe cleaner artwork
radiates vibrancy, evokes feelings,
embraces nature, creates movement,
and contributes positivity. 

Just like you! 

Choose to be Positively Poppin'!
Choose to radiate vibrancy!
Choose to evoke feelings!
Choose to embrace nature!
Choose to create movement!
Choose to contribute positivity!
Wear it!
Feel it!
Be it!
Let's Be Positively Poppin' together!

Leggings + Capri Leggings + Yoga Shorts + Shirts + Sports Bras
Kids Leggings + Youth Leggings + Face Masks + Neck Gaiters + Tote Bags

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