HRW Designs

HRW Designs embraces a lifestyle.
You & Me, that means We...Jubilate the Journey
Opt for Optimism
Circulate in Creativity
Play with Positivity
Examine with Energy
Go and Glow

HRW Designs involves creating your environment with intention. Your surroundings are a part of who you are and who you grow to be. Curate your walls and surprising spaces with art that makes you happy. Aspire and reflect in the “I AM” mirror. Bring softness and pops of color with “That’s What It’s All About” Lifestyle Pillows. Create a vibe with “Positive Glow” lighting. Bounce around town in “Positive Pop” apparel. You are loved and Positively Poppin’!

HRW Designs is Hallie Rae Ward’s design line that is inspired by her fine art. “That’s What It’s All About” Lifestyle pillows come from a 4’ x 8’ painting, acrylic on seventy-two  wooden panels. “Positive Glow” Lighting is her more functional variation on her “Hallie Beams”. “Positive Pattern” Prints & Cards are digital reproductions of her linocuts and original alphabet stamps. “I AM” mirrors are a collage of her digital prints and affirmations. Images for "Positive Pop" Apparel come from her pipe cleaner wall artworks. HRW Designs brings functional art to everyday life.