My name is Hallie Rae Ward. I am a local artist here in Austin, Texas. Currently my art has two categories,

FINE ART & HRW Designs.

I am creative, active, and passionate. 

Vibe meets vision. I see it, I dream it, I make it, I wear it, I lean back on it, I play in it, I read by it, I am it. My art and I are one and the same. It's on the wall, it's on my body, it's on my sofa. It's in my head. Positive Pop!


 I want to share & support Positive Pop People!

Let’s say this together...
I am pursuing my passion
I am driven, kind, & unique
I love life!
I am a contribution to my community
I radiate great energy
I am Positive Pop!

With my design line, I want to support Positive Pop People doing their thing! Whether it’s art, teaching, being a business owner, athlete, or any other pursuit in life, it’s vital to connect and network with all different types of people and to recognize and appreciate what each of us are pursuing.
Teamwork makes the dream work!