Neon Grasses - Positive Pop Leggings

Neon Grasses - Positive Pop Leggings

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Hallie Rae Ward presents HRW Designs....Positive Pop Leggings!

Check out this fabulous design called "Neon Grasses"

This design is based off our a fine art piece I did called "Neon Grasses."

This piece is influenced by my time in Florida. I lived in a little beach community called Passagrille in St. Petersburg, Florida. Every morning, I would go for a run on the beach, watching the golden sunshine on the water and the breeze blow through the sea grasses. This is my interpretation of the sea grasses, combined with my “life is good” attitude.

These leggings are a MUST for your fabulous wardrobe!!
• Microfiber yarn
• Fabric is 82% polyester, 18% spandex
• Four-way stretch - • Never lose their stretch!
• Elastic waistband
• Imported fabric that's cut, sewn, and printed in California

"Hey girl! Loooove them. I want to buy a pair of the other ones when they come in. So soft, love the height of the waistband too. It's great for my curves. lol"

- Gabriela Salerno-McKinney (Yoga Instructor at the Yoga Room, Austin, Texas)


Size guide

Waist (inches) 25 28 30 35 37
Hips (inches) 35 38 41 45 49
Inseam length (inches) 26 ¼ 26 ¾ 27 ⅛ 27 ½ 27 ⅞